So while our conveniences in modern day make life easier in so many ways, there are experiences missing that

provide growth, strengthening of values, confidence and development for times of adversity in our children's lives.

My Rites Of Passage Pathways are the combination of  knowledge, experience, expertise, skills, insights and strategies that I have discovered, learnt and implemented over the last 25 years working inside the health, wellbeing, sports and coaching industries. I  work with private clients including children (5-17years), youth/adults (18-82years), government bodies, allied health professionals, NSW health, government schools, private schools, professional athletes, local indigenous bodies, private enterprise and one of the most exclusive private health retreats in the country to help achieve desired outcomes.


8 week pathway | 1x 1 hour session per week

Working with both private and public schools, we have developed a series of Rites Of Passage pathways designed for boys in years 6-12 that combines important practices and daily strategies to build grit, resilience, communication skills and reduce limiting beliefs that help them navigate life.


When the correct balance of these practices and strategies is unearthed, boys’s lives change and their journey of happiness, empowerment and fulfilment can once again flow. Building grit and resilience in life is achieved by doing, participating and then using the results for positive development. We give boys the mental and physical tools to use when dealing with the outcomes and results in life and at school.

The main goals of the eight week “Hero's Journey” pathway is to encourage boys to discover more about themselves, their impact on their environment, learn how they come to make decisions, how to make a positive impact in life, be more self aware, have a higher sense of awareness, raise self-confidence and most importantly...develop a strong self identity!


Boys who attend this pathway tend to stick to their goals despite setbacks and failures. They adopt an attitude, a personal creed that they can conquer anything if they just put their mind and body to it. It is the unwavering purpose and the resilience to stick to that purpose whatever the outcome.



Confidence gained by way of my speaking + workshops is just as powerful as confidence gained through experience. Once this is understood, and you master the ability to gain confidence through our sessions, it stirs an amazing new feeling of positivity that can be applied to everything in your life.

​This positive and nurturing session helps boys draw whatever amount of confidence they have stored inside them and helps them develop that quality to its greatest potential. We can all use a boost or two of self-confidence. If you want to step out of your shell, you need to activate it from within.


WEEKEND pathway | 2 DAYS

Parents want the best opportunities for their children. They want them to have whatever it takes to be happy and successful - good health, ability to get along with others, thinking and problem solving skills, a good self-concept. Children need resiliency skills: self-esteem, life skills, self-reliance, and pro-social behaviours. The Pivot Camp experience offers a nurturing environment away from the distractions and, in some cases, the hostile environment of the city.


So while our conveniences in modern day make life easier in so many ways, there are experiences missing that provide growth, strengthening of values, confidence, and development for times of adversity. Those experiences need to come from somewhere, and I encourage my clients to go to camp and absorb all the life benefits they’ll find there.


8 week pathway | 1x 1 hour session per week

To gain a better understanding of the challenges, insights and issues facing our children these days we hold a series of engaging and interactive workshops over the course of the year. These engaging and interactive workshops allow you to gain an insight into the driving forces that impact your child’s life today!


We work with parents and carers to help them reestablish connecting relationships with their children and or grandchildren. The world our children live in today is a world of constant engagement and connection and most parents are competing for the attention of their child. We work with you to develop strategies and establish new ways of communicating with your children to develop and create amazing relationships

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"You are under no obligation to be who you were 5 minutes ago...." - Alan Watts|

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