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Lead by Nate Cooke, owner and creator of the gritboxx, this boutique agency offers passionate and engaging workplace, leadership, corporate culture coaching and team building, combined with both mind and body experiences to give you the mental and physical tools to use when dealing with the decisions, outcomes and results at work and in life.

Our innovative and engaging pathways, workshops and company retreats combine the knowledge, experience, expertise, tools, insights & strategies from 25 years within the sports, fitness, wellness, coaching, advertising and business sectors achieving deep desired outcomes for businesses and individuals.

team grit | team  building 

8 week pathway | 1x 1 hour session per week

The main goals of the eight week “TEAM GRIT” sessions are to encourage your team to discover more about themselves and their colleges. TEAM GRIT can change long term behavioural patterns - in the workplace, colleagues understand each other better and are more equipped to respond adequately to each other's needs and desires. This pathway allows your team the opportunity to break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions, raise self-confidence; laugh out loud and most importantly have fun.

leadership | empowering your team

8 week pathway | 1x 1 hour session per week

Within these engaging and practical eight sessions your managers, leaders and leadership team will deeply re-connect with themselves, learn to communicate more affectively, understand the importance of leverage, define their values and beliefs, build a strong team foundation, strengthen their relationships, build a resilient mindset, set incredibly powerful goals and take action to move their teams in a direction towards the bussinesses most desired outcome and create a positive and productive workplace.

culture | connection + communication

8 week pathway | 1x 1 hour session per week

Within the eight 1 hour sessions your  team will  learn working together for the benefit of something bigger than themselves: the team. This takes attention away from “me, me, me,” and turns it toward the value of investing in others. They will learn that their relationships benefit from personal investment, and that the team benefits as a whole when individual relationships are strengthened. Contributing to the success of the group is empowering to each individual. Employers worldwide already see the benefit of developing interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence training including principles that recognise and use powerful language patterns to empower.  It also includes training to make the most of the non-verbal sides of communication – how to fine-tune your senses and be more sensitive to others in order to achieve successful outcomes. 

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"The activities were a great blend of fun, tactful and teamwork orientated exercises that engaged all members. Our team grew their social connections with one another along with being connected emotionally & creatively...." - Timothy Moss | Organisational Leader | Hancock Jones Group Pty Ltd

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