+ Accomodation | 1 Night @ The MED Crescent Head -

+ Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner and Drinks - 

+ 3x  Immersive Group Workshops

+ 1x Yoga | Stretching | Mindfullness Session

+ 1x  Private Coaching Session with Nate Cooke​​ | 1 Hour

+ Journal

$650 Per Person

Our retreat has a maximum of 10 people per retreat which allows a deeper, intimate and more engaging experience for all of our clients.


Your workshops will be based on taking a deeper insightful look at your LIFE PILLARS which are the foundations of your life.



Build your life on solid ground – your character is the foundation! When you identify who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and why you feel the way you do is an incredibly powerful mindset. In a world fixated on instant gratification the importance of building a strong foundation of character and self worth has never been more important.



Take 100% responsibility for your life and give yourself permission to succeed! The power of ownership is in realising the real truth in life; that you are responsible for where you are! Your life is directly affected by the choices you have made or the ones you didn’t take! Either way you are responsible.



Take control of your wheel and drive yourself to the destinations of your dreams! Setting powerful and congruent goals in all aspects of your life is so important. Failure to plan is really planning to fail. Understanding if we are moving towards something or away from something makes our decisions and choices easier.



If you do not like the things you are surrounded by in your life; the things you have attracted, it’s time to change the magnet… And the magnet is you! Positive people attract positive things. Make sure a room lights up when you walk into the room (not when you walk out). Good or bad, the energy you have is contagious.


Where the heart goes, the mind and body will follow. Take some personal time to discover what you are passionate about in life. This passion will often lead you to a more purposeful life, inspiring you to make your impact on the world. By choosing to follow your passion you open a new attitude on your life, school and family.



In order to make positive decisions and choices in our lives we need to prioritise looking after ourselves. Ensuring that we regularly check in with our body and mind is key to setting ourselves up for success and happiness. Sleeping well, eating well, moving well, feeling well, working well and playing well are different for everyone so we need to know what works for us, identify when it doesn't’t feel right and make adjustments that bring us back on track.



Everyone has their own way of communicating, but very few people have learned how to be an effective communicator! Learning what, when, and how to say things is so important. Learning to adjust your message to the person you are speaking to is key to a great relationship. Learning to bridge your communication gaps to your family, friends, coworkers and bosses will open new paths to your future, build new relationships and strengthen those relationships you have now.



If at first you don’t succeed, you must dust yourself off and try again and again, and again, and again. Your willingness to fight for your goal by failing forward enough times helps you to discover the way to your success!

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"Nathan has the unique ability to deliver an extremely professional service in an almost “best of friends” atmosphere.

His sixth sense of understanding a guests needs combined with respectful charm and wit allowed his sessions to grow

beyond mere lessons into deeply meaningful experiences for many of our guests." | Tony Bell - GOLDEN DOOR ELYSIA

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